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New Equipment for Suffolk

To support early intervention treatment for children who stammer, video cameras and laptops (which were not provided by the NHS) were purchased by the Trust at a cost of £14,500 for use in 13 Clinics in East and West Suffolk.

Peta Cook, Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Manager for Suffolk Community Healthcare, said, “It will make a real difference to how we can provide vital speech therapy for children across Suffolk. The treatment we’ll be using it for is highly effective in improving speech among children and benefits those children and their families hugely.”

The cameras and laptops were introduced in Autumn 2008 and are already having a positive impact on the services and practice of SLTs. Isobel Pickering who has undertaken research projects for the Trust, commented, “In the past therapy was often the sole domain of the specialist therapists.

Now the families can have some input at their local clinic. The laptops enable the therapists to give live feedback so that the parents can see how they are getting on. “The cameras are an invaluable resource with older children who often don’t attend with their families, as they allow us to provide instant impartial feedback to the client. They can see for themselves how they are progressing in therapy and achieve a realistic idea of how they are communicating without relying on the therapist telling them.

Frequently the child in therapy believes that all communication is affected by dysfluency and feels very negative about talking. The video playback often offers the child some positive feedback when speaking fluently and this is sometimes a pleasant surprise to the child.”

Equipment and training was provided by Jerry Walker of Domestic Computer Services.

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