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News from the University of East Anglia (UEA)

Tamara Davidson Thompson – holder of the Dominic Barker Trust studentship at UEA - is writing up her thesis, having completed the third year of her PhD, under the supervision of Dr Jan McAllister.

Tammy’s work has already attracted considerable attention in the dysfluency community. She has made a number of presentations including to the Royal College of Speech and Language therapists conference and at the Oxford Dysfluency Conference (see page 4) entitled ‘Is current speech and language therapy practice meeting the psychosocial needs of adults who stutter’.

Her findings have also appeared in SIGNAL. In her paper published in the International Journal of Speech-Language in February 2009 entitled ‘Evaluation and discharge criteria in therapy with adults who stutter: A survey of speech and language therapists’, Tammy concludes that current practice amongst this group of speech and language therapists is very varied when dealing with people who stammer. She says that her research has shown that while there are some excellent elements of practice, other clinicians do not appear to be adequately equipped to work successfully with this client group. Diverse training, service provision and resources also affect the type of therapy that clients receive. Tammy’s study was exploratory and it has established a framework for further research that will allow a fuller investigation of evaluation and discharge criteria.

Further information on this paper which was co-written with Jan McAllister, Malcolm Adams and Simon Horton, all UEA – can be found at:

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