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About the Dominic Barker Trust

THE DOMINIC BARKER TRUST, a charity known as Dom’s Fund, was set up in 1997 in memory of Dominic Barker, who had a persistent stammer and who took his own life in 1994, aged 26.
The primary aim of Dom’s Fund is to fund research into stammering, with a view to development of effective support for people who stammer and their families.

Dom's fund is:

Established, having funded 11 years’ relevant research, with practical outcomes.
Supporting local, and internationally relevant, research and practice in stammering.
Working in partnership with researchers and practitioners to enable sharing of good practice and training.
Developing a centre of excellence in East Anglia, integrating original research with the delivery of quality training and therapy.

To date, research and projects which Dom's Fund has supported:

Funding four published research topics at Suffolk College.
A Research Fellowship at UEA, looking at developing best practice in therapy for adults who stammer.
Study Days to disseminate research to Speech and Language Therapists: three held at Suffolk College and the most recent at UCS.
Funding for practical equipment to support the work of Speech and Language Therapists in East Anglia.
Funding for the evaluation of a Telephone Assisted Device to enable people who stammer to use the telephone more effectively.

Ongoing and upcoming projects include:

Funding of a Research Associate at UCS, to identify those factors which may influence children to develop long-term dysfluency.
Start/Stop project: evaluation of a practical play pack to support parent-child interaction therapy.
Plans to fund a research project ‘Empowering Children’s Centres to recognise and support children who stammer’which aims to fulfil recommendations of the Bercow Review that “speech, language and communication should be prioritised by all Children’s Centres and that it is a primary focus for measuring every child’s progress”.

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