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About the trust

Known as Dom's Fund, the Trust was set up in 1997 to fund research into stammering. The Trust is in memory of a witty, intelligent and much loved young man for whom the burden of stammering was so great that he took his own life. Most of us take for granted the ability to use the telephone, to ask for what we need when shopping, or to answer questions at a job interview. But people who stammer frequently struggle to make themselves understood - by those who do not recognise the difficulties and frustrations of stammering.


Our Aims

Fund Research Into Stammering
Raise awareness of the issues that surround Stammering
Encourage understanding in people who meet those who are stammering
Devise better programmes to help overcome this disability
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Latest News

Research on Attention and stammering in adults

Researcher Silviya Doneva has recently completed a year-long research project investigating the links between attention and stammering in adults, funded by the Trust and supervised by Dr Penny Cavenagh at University Campus Suffolk. This builds on earlier work undertaken at UCS which found that  children who stammer may also experience difficulties with sustaining attention. Silviya has been testing the hypothesis that stammering interferes with control of processing information and thereby affects the performance of everyday tasks. Silviya has found a difference in attention between people who stammer and people who are fluent speakers and that people who stammer have more difficulty in sustaining attention when undertaking tasks.  Although her research suggests a link between the severity of a stammer and difficulties with attention, it is not clear which is cause and which is effect. 

Fundraising News.

The Riverside Theatre in Woodbridge will be screening three award winning short films this Sunday (May 1st) and next Sunday (May 8th) at 2pm, prompted by the Dominic Barker Trust's request to screen Stutterer, a brilliant short film which won an Oscar earlier this year.  This is a short drama about a man with a speech impediment who worries about meeting an online friend in person for the first time. The film will be shown along with 2 other award-winning short films Gamble and The Phone Call.  The programme sounds excellent and admission is free!

2016 Newsletter.

Download our 2016 newsletter to find out what we've been up to.


Want to Help?

We need public donations and support to continue the work that we do, to improve the lives of those like Dominic who suffer the burden of stammering.

Find out more about how you can support the trust’s work in improving the treatment availble to stammer sufferers.

Let's hope that through your contribution people who stammer will be able to say: 
"It's good to talk"

2018 Cards Now available

Our Christmas cards this year show two beautiful pictures: a  Kingfisher and a curlew on the back, courtesy. The card contains the message 'With every good wish for Christmas and the New Year''.

The impressive plumage of our native goldfinch is the subject of our latest Christmas card. The goldfinch features on the front of the card, with an equally captivating picture of a pair of terns on the back, both taken by Suffolk-based photographer Russell Edwards.  As well as Christmas Cards, sets of blank cards are also available from this year and cards from previous years are also availabl


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