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Evaluation of TAD Isobel Pickering interacts with one of the children Making a start RESEARCH Monica Bray and Sarah James, of the Leeds Metropolitan University, have completed their evaluation. The study, funded by the Trust, was published in the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology in February 2009: ʻAn evaluation of a telephone assistive device (TAD) for people who stutterʼ.

Monica concludes, “This study took place in natural, rather than laboratory settings and used real phone calls as its data. It provides evidence that it is beneficial for some to use a dedicated device in a speech situation that is of particular difficulty, such as the use of the telephone”.

The Trustees hope that Voice-Ampʼs Alan Falck, who developed TAD, will use the information to improve technologies especially for the use of TAD with phone network systems, so that they become more accessible to people who stammer. Dr Nola Chambers, of the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, who concluded an evaluation of TAD in South Africa using different methods, has submitted a paper to the South African Journal of Communication Disorders entitled ʻImpact of the Telephone Assistive Device (TAD) on stuttering severity while speaking on the telephone".



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