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Study Day at UEA

 Thanks to the generosity of the Dean, the fourth Study Day supported by the Trust was held in a lecture room at UEA., and was attended by 27 Speech and Language Therapists mostly from East Anglia, as well as some who had travelled a considerable distance. In addition there were 22 students from the Speech and Language department of the School of Allied Health Professions at UEA .

It was a  privilege to be welcomed at the start of the day by Professor Sally Hartley.

Dr Jan McAllister, the Senior lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy, and also Tammy Davidson, who has the Dominic Barker studentship, introduced the speakers.

Alan Barker, the co-Founder of the Trust, gave a brief background of the Trust.

Dr Per Alm was the main speaker and his presentation was much appreciated and was followed by lively discussion

Dr. Per Alm is a researcher in neuropsychology at Lund University, Sweden,and is also working at the Stuttering Information Centre of Denmark. As a person who stammers he began reviewing available research on stammering in the 1990s, leading to a book on stammering (in Swedish) and later to a doctorate. His dual pre-motor theory on stammering is rapidly becoming recognised in the stammering research community. He has worked and lectured in Edmonton, Canada, and he has worked on brain imaging studies in Oxford.

See www.stamering.org

Ms Heidi King gave a vivid account of the practical aspects of using an auditory feedback device:

Heidi is a 25 year old doctorate student in Clinical Psychology at the University of East Anglia.  Heidi has had a severe stammer since the age of three and recently embarked on an exciting journey to New York to purchase the SpeechEasy Device. She has become well known for her multiple television and radio appearances following her trip to New York. Her mission is to lead a fulfilling life and to inform the public about this often hidden or forgotten disability.

Mrs Mary Kingston reflected on its effectiveness and appropriate use of  auditory feedback devices from a speech therapist's perspective

Mary is employed part time for the Norfolk PCT as the Lead Specialist in dysfluency working with both children and adults. In addition she has published research on the Lidcombe programme and other features of dysfluency. Mary runs Lidcombe workshops internationally and lectures on the dysfluency module at the University of East Anglia.

See Altered Auditory Feedback presentation slides Click here

from left to right 

Tammy Davidson, the researcher supported by the Trust; Dr Jan McAllister, Senior Lecturer Speech and Language Therapy; Ms Heidi King, speaker; Mrs Mary Kingston, speaker; Dr Per Alm, speaker.

The third DBT training event for Speech and Language Therapists was held on 20th September 2002.  Gail Smith, East Leeds Primary Care Trust, presented an interactive study day and workshop on Psychodrama. This is a psychotherapeutic technique suitable for use with clients over the age of ten who stammer or have voice difficulties, and enables them to make changes to their feelings, thoughts and behaviours. The twelve delegates found it an extremely entertaining and educational day. 

 A second study afternoon took place on 17th May 2002 at Suffolk College. Dr Trudy Stewart (Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, St James's Hospital, Leeds) hosted an interactive workshop entitled: Diagnosis of Normal Non-Fluency and Early Stammering.

On 14th December 2000 the Dominic Barker Trust hosted its first study afternoon entitled: Alternative methods for working with people who stammer. Alison Nicholas (specialist speech and language therapist at the Michael Palin Centre) presented an introduction to Brief Therapy and Christine Hyde presented the development of stammering from a Transactional Analysis perspective.

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