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Amongst Dreaming Spires 2008

The 8th Oxford Dysfluency Conference The Trust was well represented at the eighth international Oxford Dysfluency Conference held from 3rd-6th July at St. Catherineʼs College. The Conference takes place every three years providing an ideal opportunity to meet with people from all over the world who share an interest in Dysfluency.

Tammy Davidson Thompson, UEA, gave a presentation entitled ʻIs current speech and language therapy practice meeting the psychological needs of adults who stutter?ʼ

Dr Monica Bray and Dr Sarah James, of Leeds Metropolitan University, presented ʻAn investigation into the effectiveness of a telephone device (TAD) for people who stammerʼ.

Dr Per Alm, Uppsala University, gave two presentations: ʻFluency disorders: a discussion of possible causes and mechanisms, from a neuroscience perspectiveʼ and ʻStuttering and temperament, a reviewʼ.

Sarah Costelloe, the Research Associate at UCS also attended the conference. All of these researchers were funded by, or supported by, grants from the Dominic Barker Trust.

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